aka VCA ·Bravehart

pic of me Aloha and welcome to the page where you'll learn some stuff about me. First off this is the first website I am ever making so bear with me!!!Some pages are built with the Yahoo Page Builder and others are by the html(Like this one).The book I'm using to learn html is called HTML:Your visual blueprint for designing effective Web pages I'm building this Web site to help DIY minitruckers do mods the right way, talk about myself and learn something new!!Anyways Mahalo for stopping by and Please Sign my Guest Book before you venture off to another Web site!!!

Name: Kelvin
Ethnicity: Filipino, to be more specific FBI=Full Blooded Ilocano
Family: No kids of my own, well none that I know of!!!but I have my two loving parents and two younger brothers.
Hobbies: Soldier of Fortune, Minitrucks, Bodyboarding, and I guess this...
Career: Aircraft Maintenance but due to me seeing my Bed Ridden Grandma in Sacramento for 3 days I no longer have a job, so I think I should go back to school and find another career or somethin'.
Goals in Life:Find a good paying job and buy a house with a big garage to fit my minis.Oh yeah cant forget an ultimate PC Gaming Machine...