Truck Related Links A great site for 808 state happenings. cruise coverege, cruise dates, cool stores, links to other 808 peeps, etc... Peter is also a S10 owner!!!

Low Pressure Blazer- Also a S10 fanatic. If you wanna slap an 8 in your blazer, hes got some excellent reference pics.

S-series Forum- This is the best S10 forum on the net!!

s10 Forum- Second best S10 forum!!!

miniViews- My brothers site. He just got a new '03 Frontier and has already done some minor mods to it. Follow his build up!

PC Gaming Links
Virtual Combat Alliance- Looking for a bunch of guys to shoot the shit while playing SoF/SoF2?? Visit The BEST SoF clan!!!!

Raven Software Forum- Do you have Raven Software games and need some help? If so, this is where you wanna go.

Team Speak- A voice proggy used for voice communication while gaming, Its a great tool for strategy and shootin' the shit with fellow friends. btw its all FREE!!!

Wizardz- A very respectable clan and thanks to them, our clan(and many other clans) are able to use TeamSpeak to communicate.

Computer Related
Outlook-Express-Backup.Com- download a handy utility to backup Outlook Express email messages, accounts, rules, address book, signatures, and blocked senders.
Favorite/cookie backup tutorial- Tutorial on how to backup your IE6 favorites and cookie!!This has helped me greatly!!

[H]ard|OCP- Overclocking central!! This site has excellent content. Overclockers forum, computer parts reviewed, etc...

tom's hardware guide- Excellent How To's and reviews are on this site. This is where I first read through before I built this first rig Im now writing on.

Web Design Help A great place to find Java and the like.

Site Add- Register your site with the top search engines. Just enter the information about your site, select the search engines where you'd like to submit your site and Site Add will do the rest.

PhotoShop Junkie- Learn how to "photochop". Many step-by-step tutorials.

The JavaScript Source- An excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. All for free!

Real Audio Tutorial- Tutorial on placing streaming music on your website.

Dynamic Drive- A great site to copy and paste DHTML code for your website.

SOLID SITES A very kick ass web designer, she pushes out many layouts and has been copied from so many times!! She must be doin' somethin' right if alot of people are claiming her hard work as their own.

Forever Hoku- Hoku Ho fans clck here!

Hoku Style- Rumor has it that Hoku is the care taker of this site. It isnt updated much but I just had to.

Jessica Alba- Do you love Jessica?? Learn more 'bout her here.