August 1, 2002
Hello Hello!!! Welcome to my new web domain As you can see its still pretty much the same except Ive added a banner and changed the color. In the banner it gots the time and streaming audio from my cousin DJ SONIK!!! I've also added a better Guest Book.

There are few things Im presently working on. Im working on more content like actually posting a link specific for tech articles and cruise videos. Ill also will be adding a tagboard and updating this page to use the blogging stuff for even easier updating for me. Well back to work on the stuff I need to put up. Latez:)

July 7, 2002
Today was unexciting. Until I was driving home to work. "What happened??" you ask. Well I almost rear ended a freaking car on the freeway. It wasnt my fault I dont think. That freaking car was stopped completely in the carpool lane, fo' realz completely stopped!!!!

Heres what happened: I was traveling about 65mph(ok scold me for speeding) when I saw a car in front of me change lane hella fast. Then I saw a freaking car in the carpool lane with hazards on. "Shit!!!" I thought to myself. The second thing that came to mind was "NO MY INSURANCE!!!" I loooked in my side view mirror to see if I could change lane, but nooooo.... There was a car right besides me. So I had to get on the Brakes hella hard. The tires locked up and I thought I was screwed. Luckily at the last moment I swerved the truck to the right and probrably missed him by less than an inch. Luckily the other cars that was in the lane I swerved halfway into were paying attention so they could get away from me.

Wait it doesnt stop there. I pulled over the side to make sure I really didn't hit the car. Well there was another car in front of him, which was the first car to stop in the carpool lane. The car I almost banged stopped to protect the first car from getting hit. There was a couple in the first car that he wanted to protect. He didnt want them to get hurt from people like me that did not see them. Well, we were talkin' more and come to find out the first car that stopped had some kind of big rubber black thing he ran over. The guy wanted to get over to the right side but no one would let him. So I guess he just stopped.

Do you really think it stopped there. I dont think so. Anyways both of us were looking at the traffic and we saw a "NEW BLACK DURANGO(no plates)" coming straight for us. Then we heard the screech of the tires and both of us jumped over, behind the zipper lane wall. KATOOSH!!! Durango hit the car. WHOOO!!!SHIT!!! I came that close to dieing.... Im very glad the state made the zipper lane. I guess the guy really did protect the first car. Shit his car is totalled, back end is so smashed in. Look like the car got tweaked cause even the front winshield was all cracked. The Durangos front end was also tottaly screwed.

btw this happened at about 6:50PM/1850hrs. Location was on H1 Westbound, after the Waimalu/Pearl City cutoff. If you were stuck in traffic at about that time then you pretty much know the whole story. Hella people got "Rubber Necks" LOL!! I'd say at least 75% passing were trying to look.
Until next time "Drive Safely, Pay Attention and most important NEVER, EVER STOP IN THE FAST LANE!!!"

July 6, 2002
Today I pretty much did nothing, haha... I have been kind of stressing though:( I've been stressing cause freaking auto insurance bill came in for the next 6 months. $892.00, shit dats hella high. My freaking driving abstract is good too, so I dont know why its so high. Actually the only thing on my driving abstract is "Driving an Unsafe Vehicle" but it happenned over a year and ½ ago. Plus it was lower for the last 6 months. Will be calling them and a few other insurance companys on Tuesday. Hopefully I can get it down a bit.

I've also been looking through the dictionary for some kind of domain name. Haven't seen anything that catches my eyes yet. In fact I'm still debating if I should just use or Its very easy to remember and thats how some people know me by. My younger brother has a solid domain name. Wish I could use it!! nahh I better not cause thats something he came up with him by himself. Oh well, "Until next time Play Hard and Scrape Hard!!!"

July 5, 2002
Today I officially finished my first week of work. Work isn't that bad, all I did this week is learn doing laundry in a hotel. Haven't seen so much towels in my life. The only thing is my feet is so'a!!! from standing all day. The work enviroment is cool. Im having fun. Wish I learned my native tounge though, hahaha... My co-workers are pretty much older ladies, They are funny once in a while. Only a few young people work there like my friend, maintenance and the front desk. btw front desk has a couple good looking girls!!! To bad I dont work with them.hehe...

The wierd thing is I dont feel tired when I get home. Very wierd cause when I had no job and if I go to the movies I go sleep early. Now I dont feel like sleeping till 'bout midnight. I even get up very early. In fact I get to work an hour before start time.

Well anyways Im now searching for a cool domain name. Hope to have me own in a few weeks. Will be looking through the dictionary. btw if ya have a good web presence provider ya know of, let me know. ALOHA!!

June 28, 2002
Sad News this time around. This morning at about 12:30 A.M. this morning my Grandma passed away. At least she'll finally be reunited with my Grandpa. They've been apart for 10 years I believe. Now I'm even happier that I visited her when I did. Even though I lost my previous job for doing so.
"Until next time HUG and LOVE your Family!!!"

June 26, 2002
Just like to let you know I also run a SoF1 & SoF2 server once in a while. Server name is "VCA Hunting Grounds" Come check it out sometime!!!

Also heres some Filipino Pride. If you see a movie called "The Debut" in your city go and check it out. If youre of Filipino Ancestry Im sure you'll relate to at least one of the characters. If you're not of Filipino Ancestry you'll be able to see some Filipino customs. Its a good movie!!!Some beautiful pinays, comedy, drama and one very small fight scene.

June 25, 2002:
I havent updated in a while cause their really wasn't anything I could add. Here's a big one!!! Today I finally found work at Ambassador Hotel WOOT!!WOOT!!! It doesn't pay half of what I use to get but, hey its income!!
I'd also like to take this time to Thank a couple people. First of all I'd like to say "Thanks!!" to my friend Tony for calling me up and telling me about this job. I'd also like to say "Thanks!!" to Kurt for hiring my Sorry Ass.

On another note Soldier of Fortune 2:Double Helix came out and its a sweet game. Much tactics to it. If ya'll also play it, say WAZ UP!! if ya see me. I still go by "VCA·Bravehart"

May 07, 2002:
I've just got accepted into a Soldier of Fortune Clan called Virtual Combat Alliance Im so exicited I cant wait for my first clan match!!!WOOHOOO!!!

April 29, 2002:
Just a reminder; Dont forget to go on this cruise this weekend!!!!

April 17, 2002:
I've updated majority of the Web site using html code.There are a few pages that still uses the page builder but thats just the picture ones.I've also added a frame for easier navigation. next thing to do is add a background image to the navigation bar.I'm also working on a few things for the Tire and Rim calculator so until next time "Scrape Hard, Play Hard!!!".